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2 North Main Street
Berkley, MA 02779
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2 North Main Street
Berkley, MA 02779
By prearrangement only.
Free admission. Hours by prearrangement only.
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Melinda Paine-Dupont, President
phone: 508-294-2600
Jeanne Russo, Secretary


We are now located in the Old Town Hall building on Historic Berkley Common.

One of our most pressing goals has been to find a new home for our collection. The Old Town Hall on the Historic Berkley Common is the perfect showcase and an important historical building which will be our home and our biggest project to date.

We will have regular visiting hours and many volunteer opportunities for the members of our community to come together to preserve this icon.


The Berkley Historical Society works to preserve the unique history of Berkley, Massachusetts.


Berkley Historical Society, Inc. is a registered 501c3, non-profit. We were founded in 1975. Our principal address is 2 North Main St., Berkley, MA 02779.

Artifacts Collections

Documents and artifacts from Berkley.

Research Collections

Town reports dating back to 1862.


Old Town Hall, built in 1849. Large room with displays and research material. We have reserved space for lectures/meetings.

Lecture Halls

Performance Areas


Access: General Public, Students, Scholars, Members

Appointment required: Yes


Wheelchair Accessible




Old Town Hall Project

There as so many opportunities to help support this important project. Whether you lend a hand with painting, cleaning, landscaping or even donate funds to help us renovate, you'll be helping to preserve this visible symbol of Berkley's history.

Our Collection

We will also need display cases, shelving, and archival storage for our growing collection. We will have regular viewing hours as well as special events for everyone to enjoy the collection.

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