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phone: 860-245-1323
Guy Hermann, Principal Museum Planner
phone: 860-245-1323
Jo-Anne Crystoff, Museum Planner
phone: 508-259-0665


We work with startup museums and with existing museums that are planning for long-term growth and change.

At the heart of our museum planning process is our belief that museums should be relevant to their constituents and be defined by who they serve, not by what they have or what they do. Understanding the interests, needs, and desires of each museum's many different constituent groups is the critical first step in museum planning. It lays the foundation for finding the right balance of collections, exhibits, programs, and facilities that will inspire people to support and sustain the museum well into the future.

Our Museum Master Plans are a unique combination of visioning, visitor experience planning, operational feasibility, and pre-design architectural planning.

Our community-centered museum planning approach results in museums that are successful and sustainable well into the future.