Oakhurst, California
The Children's Museum of the Sierra is a hands-on museum designed for children ages 2-12, their families and educators. We provide stimulating and interactive exhibits in science, natural history, community and the arts presented in an imaginative and playfrul way to encourage and challenge growing minds.
Oakhurst, California
Fresno Flats Historical Park - Laramore-Lyman House in Oakhurst, CA is one of more than 15,400 museums in the MuseumsUSA directory. Find an exciting museum to visit where you live or vacation today.
Oakhurst, California
When hasn't fashion made you smile, shake your head or send you running to the store to get the latest thing! Does a day not go by that you wonder about the clothes you see!! What does it mean to be in step with the times?? You can find out by visiting the museum and see the styles and colors of the times past.