New Hartford, New York
History, Historical Society
The history of New Hartford goes back 211 years, when a courageous pioneer, 37-year-old Jedediah Sanger, traveled from New Hampshire toward the settlement of Whitestown to establish a new home for his family. At that time Sanger was penniless and deeply in debt. All his property had been destroyed by fire, but his determination to build anew never waned.
Oriskany, New York
Steuben Memorial State Historic site is the final home of Baron Steuben. It is said that he was second in importance to George Washington during the Revolutionary War. His training of the troops was exemplary and the turning point in the colonies fight for freedom.
Utica, New York
The Children's Museum is an educationally enjoyable not-for-profit. Schools, daycares, scouts, families, seniors, tourists interact w/the 100's of hands-on exhibits on our 4 floors for hours of exploring fun! We are the only children's museum adopted by NASA and the Office of Science.