Street Address
1575 Main St.
Mapleton, ME 04757
Mailing Address
PO Box 306
Mapleton, ME 04757
By Appointment
V. Dana Allison, Founder and former President


Preservation of a treasured one room school house, exhibits of commonly used artifacts, the story of Jim Cullen, who was the only person ever lynched in The State of Maine.


This building has been a community center, a church, a school house, a town garage, a ware house. No one knows how old it is, but it could date back to before 1880 when The Town of Mapleton was incorporated.

Artifacts Collections

Household and farming implements, loom, potato equipment

Research Collections

Jim Cullen history done as a PhD dissertation of member Dena Winslow York, an authority on the story.

Educational Programs

Re-enactment of a school day to elementary school children, occassional workshops, dinners, and other social functions throughout the year, fund raisers.


Reports to members during monthly meetings


Wheelchair Accessible