Street Address
4A Blanchard Road
Cumberland Center, ME 04021
Mailing Address
PO Box 82
Cumberland Center, ME 04021
phone: 207-200-8006
By appointment
Free, but gratefully accepts donations
Carolyn Small, President
Cathy Campbell, Museum Comtact


The Cumberland Historical Society was founded on March 25, 1939. Its meetings and possesions were initially held in the Prince Memorial Library in Cumberland. The Society acquired the 1853 schoolhouse at 4A Blanchard Road from the Town of Cumberland, and has occupied the building as its meeting place and museum since 1989.

There are a few items that are on hand for sale.

Artifacts Collections

Includes Native American artifacts, tools, local business artifacts, farm artifacts, letters, wills, deeds,photographs; artifacts from the Civil War, WWI, WWII; home, family and school artifacts; yearbooks from Greely Institute; clothing, musical instuments, some oral histories, and other Cumberland related artifacts.

Research Collections

Family genealogies, books on Cumberland History, various vital statistic notebooks, and photographs.

Educational Programs

Upon request; yearly historical tour for second graders at nearby elementary school; monthly program from September to June.


Monthly newsletter from September to June


Wheelchair Accessible