Street Address
Colebrook Area Historical Society
10 Bridge St.
Colebrook, NH 03576
Mailing Address
PO Box 32
Colebrook, NH 03576
Museum is Open on Saturdays in July & August from 10 am to 2 pm. Musuem is located on 2nd Floor of Colebrook Town Hall 10 Bridge St., Colebrook, NH. Handicap Accessible
No Cost
Museum Type(s)
Arnold Goodrum, President
phone: 603-237-4470
Sylvia Goodrum, Secretary
phone: 603-237-4470


Colebrook, NH has always been the hub of the extreme Northwestern corner of NH. Since early times and with the coming of the Railroad in 1889, when you came to Northern NH you had to go through Colebrook. To this day people still flock to Colebrook, to get a meal (for a town of 2,300 we have 6 restaurants), do their shopping, etc. To the immediate south we have a Catholic Shrine "Our Lady of Grace" that is always stated is in Colebrook when it is actually located in Columbia, NH. The Mondanock Mtn. which over sees our presense to our West is actually located in Lemington, VT. For this reason the society was named the Colebrook Area Historical Society. Due to Colebrook being the hub it was felt from the beginning in 1992 that artifacts needed to be preserved before they were lost or sold to antique collectors who live away. The musuem was the Fruit of that Vision and has continued for 10 years. There is a very small core group who keep the organization going and with the advent of a Newsletter we hope to spread the message of preservation and increase participation.


The Historical Society was founded in 1992 through the effort of a few dedicated historians. The museum was opened in May 1995 and has flourished since that date.

Artifacts Collections

Approximately 15,000 artifacts including fine arts, folk arts, costuming, textiles,manufactured goods, household goods, et al. all connected to local history.

Research Collections

Maps, photographs, manuscripts, court records, business/organizational records,et al all connected with local history

Educational Programs

Programs are offered annually on the 2nd Thursday of the Month from May to September.


Indepdent 501(c)3 charitable organization


Access: General Public, Scholars

Appointment required: Yes


A bi-annual newsletter has been established this year, 2005.


Wheelchair Accessible