Street Address
10875 Prairie Home Lane
Shirley, IL 61772
Mailing Address
RR 1, Box 75
Shirley, IL 61772
Open March through December
Tuesday - Saturday9 AM - 4 PM
NO tours Jan and Feb
Group Tours
Jennifer Schauer, Archivist
phone: 309-827-6792


At the Funk Prairie Home Museum, our mission is to take you back in time to the good old days. We guarantee you'll find the tours fascinating and entertaining. We're proud of our educational and entertaining presentations and the preservation of the Funk Family legacy. The tours move along quickly, and time flies at the Prairie Home. The incredible stories of the early days of the Funk Family will leave you enthralled!

We are a privately owned museum. We give guided tours of our historic 1864 Family Home, Gem & Mineral Collection, and 1860's Machinery & Barn. The tours are absolutely free. Contact us today to book a tour.


What started as a wedding gift from LaFayette Funk to his bride Elizabeth has grown into one of the most amazing museums anywhere. Fully furnished as it was in the 1860's, the Prairie Home is a trip into the exciting history of the Funk Family, filled with dazzling accounts of the family's agricultural and political accomplishments

Artifacts Collections

  • 1864 Family Home: The elegant Victorian home completed in 1864 stands proudly today as a symbol of the Funk Family that made agricultural history in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The home of the founder of Funk Bros. Seed Co. has been preserved and is now open to thousands of visitors every year. The breath-taking home is filled with the fabulous furniture and d├ęcor of the 1800's. Your guided tour will leave you astonished.
  • Gem & Mineral Collection: The largest one-man rock collection in the world can be found at the Funk Prairie Home Museum at Shirley, Illinois. At the same location as the Prairie Home is a second tour through the incredible lifetime collection of LaFayette Funk II. From every corner of the earth, and even from the moon, come specimens that you'll remember forever. Bill Case will be your tour guide, and the experience is one of a kind.
  • 1860's Machinery & Barn: The Prairie Home's original barn, restored to its original condition, is the largest wood-peg barn still standing in McLean County. The guided tour consists of a walk through the barn and the wing of the museum filled with actual horse-drawn farm equipment from the good old days. Actual photos from the Funk Family Archives line the walls and illustrate the way things were out in the field. On this tour, you'll learn all about farming methods the Funk Family used when horses were king.


Reservations: All tours should be booked in advance by calling us. Tours are absolutely free.

Group Tours