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Keith A. Reed, Secretary and Director
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The AMM is dedicated to collecting, documenting, preserving and telling the stories of the enlisted personnel who have served this nation honorably with skill, dedication and compassion for nearly one hundred years. Information preserved at the museum is made available through our displays, educational inserts, annual calendars, monographs, and the AMM unique enlisted airmen history book: Unsung Heroes: A History of Enlisted Airmen From the Dawn of Flight to Desert Storm. The museum collects the individual stories of enlisted service members through Airman Survey questionnaires. The AMM also tells the enlisted story through the SERGEANTS magazine, published monthly by AFSA.


Founded in 1988 by the Air Force Sergeants Association, the Airmen Memorial Museum (AMM) stands as a tribute to enlisted airmen for their sacrifices and contributions made while serving in the Signal Corps (1907-1918), the Army Air Service (1918-1926), the Army Air Corps (1926-1941), the Army Air Forces (1941-1947) and/or the U.S. Air Force (1947-Present). The Airmen Memorial Museum is dedicated to collecting artifacts, photographs, diaries, personnel records, letters, books and other items pertaining to the service of enlisted airmen. The goals of the museum are to preserve these collections, tell the stories of enlisted personnel and preserve the enlisted heritage of U.S. air and space power

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