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210 3rd Street, N.W.
Childress, TX 79201
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210 3rd Street, N.W.
Childress, TX 79201
Museum Type(s)
Steve Craig, Executive Director


My vision for this museum is for it to be the best in the area. I want it to be recognized as a cultural center for our area. That is where the Resource Sharing Program would come in. It would help to bring in better exhibits and more information that would be useful to all people in our area. We are in an outlying area from all the large cities, and we need all the help we can get.


Plans for a Childress Museum started 30 years ago. It all started with a dream of Mrs. Janet Smith, the Board President. Mrs. Smith's parents and their families came to Childress in thevery beginning of the creation of Childress County. She knew that Childress should be preserving its history and treasures. The Historical Survey Committee was organized in 1963.

The museum was first housed in the old jailhouse, opening its doors on July 4, 1975, during the Bicentennial Year. In less than 10 years, Gene, Janet, and Jan Smith purchased the first post office building in Childress and gave it to the Historical Commission for the museum. The entire town and civic organizations helped prepare the building for the move.

The Childress Heritage Museum is a historical monument for Childress County, Texas. It is in a lovely old building built in 1935, and is there to serve the people of Childress, the town, and the county, as well as Texas. The museum is a learning facility for the students of the area. It is a great tourist attraction, as the museum has 5,000 or more visitors each year from all over the world. Those connected with the museum want to continue to serve their community as well at the State of Texas.

The museum contributes to the community by just being here and helping to commemorate special events. It holds special functions during the year for all the people, art exhibits by area artists, old settlers reunion, and a festival of lights celebration at Christmas. Those involved in the museum donate their time and the museum for the all-county school reunion. The museum is there for and to be used by the people, and it wants to continue to be contributors to young people's lives

Artifacts Collections

Collections are fairly large in proportion to the size of the museum.

The exhibits include historical items from the 1800s, early photographs of the town, ranching items, chuckwagon items, household items from the early settlers, farming items, mercantile items, business office items, school items, church items, army airfield items, archaeology exhibit, Indian tribes exhibits, branding items, railroad items, etc.

Research Collections

Archival collections are approximately the same as the exhibits that are on display, and they are available for research.

Educational Programs

Exhibitions geared to history students regarding the growth of the area. Docent program and gallery tours. Programs are not available for tour/loan.


Yearly newsletter.