Street Address
131 High St.
Piermont, NH 03779
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 273
Piermont, NH 03779
By appointment.
Free. Donations Accepted.
Frederick W Shipman, President and Treasurer
phone: 603-359-9845


The Mission of the Historical Society is to collect, catalogue and preserve memorabilia, photographs and verifiable historical records of the people, events, and changes in the town lands that have shaped and colored the history of the Town of Piermont from its earliest days even before its incorporation into the State of New Hampshire through the present day.


The Historical Society was founded in 1974 as a non-profit society to preserve the heritage of the people of Piermont.

Artifacts Collections

The Society houses the largest part of its collection in the upper rooms at the Town Library and maintains a room in the Old Church Building for special exhibits.

In recent years, these exhibits have featured Lake Tarleton, the Piermont Village Schools and Piermont Farms.


Wheelchair Accessible




New members are welcome. Membership dues are $10. Donations are always welcome and may be sent to Fred Shipman, Treasurer, at P.O. Box 273, Piermont, N.H. 03779