Street Address
2308 Portland Ave.
Louisville, KY 40212
Mailing Address
2308 Portland Ave.
Louisville, KY 40212
phone: 502-776-7678
Wednesday - Friday12 PM - 5 PM
Saturday12 PM - 4 PM
Sunday - Tuesdayclosed
Museum Type(s)
Katy Delahanty, Executive Director of the Portland Museum
Danny Seim, Executive Director of Ahoy


Portland Museum

Portland Museum is an educational resource that collects, preserves, exhibits, interprets, and enhances the culture and heritage of Portland, a neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky that was once a thriving independent town.

At Portland Museum, we interpret history through the lens of arts and culture. Thus, we are not just a museum focused on the history of Portland – and inherently the history of Shippingport Island – we are so much more! We preserve local art, craft, and oral traditions; bring art and artists into the community; nurture community creative spirits and talents; use art as a vital tool for community development; and care for our museum collections of community artifacts and research.

What is the AHOY??

AHOY is a progressive, exciting new venture and addition to Portland Museum focused on creating an immersive, experiential children’s space. AHOY will include outdoor play areas as well as indoor play areas within a renovated Victorian property adjacent to the Portland Museum.

Inspired by the gonzo creativity of the City Museum in St. Louis, the repurposed Victorian architecture of the Gilbert House in Oregon, and the immersive magic of Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, AHOY will be a unique twist to the often-predictable children’s museum experience.

Coming Fall 2022.

Educational Programs

Explore the rich art and heritage of the Portland neighborhood. Join us for art workshops, exhibitions, and special events throughout the year!