Street Address
Buffalo Street
Rowlesburg, WV 26425
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 605
Rowlesburg, WV 26425
By appointment.
Museum Type(s)
Joyce A. Ayersman, President
phone: 304-454-9303


Greatest Generation WW II Museum is located in the Szilagyi Center in Rowlesburg, WV. It is one of a kind museum with more than 57 exhibits.

When we get the B & O Railroad Depot renovated we are planning to make a railroad museum in it. We are hoping to get this accomplished within the next year to 18 months. We are hoping to be able to complete the gravel road that leads up to the Civil War site this Summer, if we can get the done maybe it will enable us to get funding to finish the development of the Civil War Site, "Cannon Hill."

We are gathering and editing materials for a Histories of families that settled and lived in this area.


Our Society was formed August 1995, we obtained the 2nd oldest building in our town and it now houses our Genealogy library and our general museum. We have 300 members that support us in our projects and activities. Since we are located in a town of 700 people most of our members are alumnus and live all over the USA. We have obtained the B & O Railroad Depot which we are renovating and also a Civil war Site that we are developing. We have also published a Pictorial History of the Area and we have also published a Cemetery Book of the Cemeteriesin our area.

Artifacts Collections

Local History,tool of various trades of local people and industries of this area. Educational memorabilia, Genealogies of local families.

At present we do not loan any of our collections.

Educational Programs

We do tours for the local school children and teachers. We exhibit various collections at local request. We assist students with information on local historical structures and sites for their exhibits and reports in school and college. We do not charge any fees for our assistance or information.