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Wyoming's Story

This gallery allows visitors to see artifacts from many eras of Wyoming's past, as well as recent donations. The focal point of Wyoming's Story is a large interactive map that highlights archaeological sites, mountain man rendezvous sites, trails, military forts, and military battles.

The Wild Bunch

Developed in cooperation with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, this gallery acquaints visitors with some of the state's more common wildlife. The Wild Bunch also examines the impact that humans can have on animal populations. A shortgrass prairie diorama depicting a scene from central Wyoming with flora and fauna specimens is the highlight.

Swamped With Coal

Natural resources play a critical role in Wyoming's economy. This gallery informs the visitor about the importance of the state's mining industry. Swamped With Coal also describes the geologic events in the distant past which created modern Wyoming's vast mineral wealth. For example, a large model reminds visitors that ancient swamps are the coal mines of today.

R. I. P. - Rex in Pieces

Wyoming is a dinosaur graveyard and the state's dinosaur and other fossils can be found in museums worldwide. This gallery tells of fossil discovery competitions in the nineteenth century, and looks at some of the state's earliest prehistoric residents. Featured is a cast of a full-sized Camptosaurus skeleton, one of the first dinosaurs found in the state.

Drawn to This Land

Throughout the centuries, certain industries and peoples have been drawn either permanently or temporarily to what is now Wyoming. The Drawn to This Land gallery looks at the reasons why in its six sections: animal management, services and retail, tourism, agriculture, the military, transportation, and mining.

Living in Wyoming

Explore the everyday lives of Wyomingites from the early days to the present. Compare some of the most common household items you have in your homes to their earlier forms.

Hands-on History Room

Come visit and check out many of our most popular hands-on activities! Dress-up as a cowboy or a soldier, and try your hand at using a chuck wagon!


The mission of the Wyoming State Museum is to serve as an educational, historical, and cultural institution, whose goal is to collect, preserve, and interpret artifacts that reflect the human and natural history of Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain West.

Artifact Collections

Artifact Collections

The Wyoming State Museum was established in 1895 and has been collecting, preserving, and interpreting a wide variety of artifacts ever since. These collections represent life in Wyoming from prehistoric times to the present. The Museum oversees thousands of artifacts including items crafted and used by Native Americans to manufactured goods purchased and used by today’s residents. Our mission is to collect the many types of things used by people who have called Wyoming their home. Here is a sampling of some of the wonderful artifacts maintained in the collections of the Wyoming State Museum.

  • Native American Artifacts: This collection primarily strives to represent Native American groups of the Northern Plains region. A few generous artifact donors in the past provided fine examples of craftsmanship from other Native American tribes, which are maintained for comparative purposes.
  • Clothing and Personal Items: Many styles of clothing from the early days of Wyoming to the present can be found in the collections, including everyday and dress clothes for men, women, and children. The State Museum also maintains many civilian and military uniforms.
  • Household Items: Everyday objects used in the home are part of the artifact collection as well. These include items such as furniture, coffee pots, quilts, and knick-knacks. These artifacts give a picture of what daily life has been like for the people of Wyoming.
  • Transportation Artifacts: Wyoming has seen many changes in how people travel from place to place. The collection reflects these changes with artifacts that represent travel by foot, horseback, railroad, car, and airplane.
  • Tools: Wyoming’s people have worked in many trades from laborer to skilled professional. Tools of these many trades, as well as tools for work in the home, are represented in the collections.
  • Recreation: Fun and recreation are also represented in the collections. Beloved childhood toys, sports equipment, musical instruments, and other items representing leisure time are collected by the museum.
  • Artworks: The museum collects all mediums of original art created by Wyoming artists, and works depicting Wyoming’s diverse people and places.
  • Natural History: Wyoming’s natural history is an important part of its story. Examples of minerals, ancient fossils, and animal life can be found in the collections
  • Educational Programs

    Learn about Wyoming's History;

    • Discovery Trunks: The Discovery Trunk Program is part of the Wyoming State Museum's education outreach service.
    • School Programs: Offering both on-site and off-site programs.
    • Family Programs: Download family activity guide and answer keys prior to your visit.
    • Lecture Series: All presentations are held the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Wyoming State Museum.
    • Museum Resources: The Wyoming State Museum offers technical assistance to Wyoming museums.

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