Street Address
748 Second Street
Friars Point, MS 38631
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 4
Friars Point, MS 38631
phone: 662-383-2233
Monday - Friday9 AM - 12 PM
$4.00 for adults and $2.00 for children under 7.
Flo Larson, Director
phone: 662-645-9251


The North Delta Museum was described by the Memphis Commercial Appeal, "it's like crawling through someone's attic". The museum located on the actual banks of the Mississippi River and at the foot of the levee in the National Register of Historic Places District of Friars Point is a repository of artifacts from the Mississippi Delta, the Mississippi River, including military. With an extensive collection of prehistoric Indian artifacts, the museum houses a replica of an early Delta general store, has a barn with horse drawn vehicles including a buggy, antique clothing, military uniforms, medical instruments, early Delta household items, antique sewing machines, antique washing machines and many visuals from the early steamboat days of the historic Friars Point port.


Friars Point is a famous river port and the only true old river town left in Mississippi. Occupied by Union forces, Friars Point was the rendezvous point for General William T. Sherman and Admiral David Porter who under orders from U.S. Grant came to Friars Point in December of 1862 to plan the naval attack on Vicksburg during Grant's first Vicksburg campaign. The house used as headquarters still stands as does the Methodist Church which was burned by the Union troops when leaving. The town served as a major staging point for Union troops. Located near the famous Yazoo Pass, Friars Point is the home of Conway Twitty and the historic Hirsberg Drug Store, still active, is the site of Robert Johnson's blues. "Traveling Riverside Blues" by Robert Johnson speaks of his "Friar's Point woman". Visited by Charles Lindbergh and written about in his famous book WE, the town of Friars Point offers a unique opportunity to view the Mississippi River in its natural splendor, and visitors can walk on the levee and down to the river to sit on the banks and "beat their feet in the Mississippi mud." The Naional Register of Historic Places District features many historic homes and the quaint atomsphere of a small town. Friars Point is the only town in Mississippi that the river did not eat or leave. Come to COTTON COUNTRY in the heart of the Delta and visit this historic town and the interesting fully equipped museum. You will remember you have been here.

Artifacts Collections

Indian (prehistoric), early Delta including antique clothing, horse drawn vehicles, antique farm implements, log building, medical instruments, antique replica of a general store, military, antique lighting exhibit, prehistoric finds from the Mississippi River, cotton exhibit, antique household machines and apparatus, antique photographs, steamboat, etc.

Educational Programs

Workshop on history (Gathering History at the River), The Chain of Life: Honoring our Community Heroes (firefighters, law enforcement, and all first responders), tours for all organized school groups, all organized senior citizens groups, all church groups.