Street Address
340 E. Main
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
Mailing Address
PO Box 777
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
phone: 830-997-4379
fax: 830-997-8220
See Website for Admissions
Joe Cavanaugh, Director
phone: 830-997-4379 x222
Helen McDonald, Asst Director
phone: 830-997-4379 x228
Jeff Hunt, Chief Curator
phone: 830-997-4379 x226
Elizabeth Martindale, Associate Curator
phone: 830-997-4379 x224
Mike Lebens, Associate Curator
phone: 830-997-4379 x223
Richard Koone, Director of Education
phone: 830-997-4379 x227
Bill Pickett, Admin Asst
phone: 830-997-4379 x229
Ron McCormick, Maintenance
phone: 830-997-4379 x230


Admiral Nimitz Museum/ National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, TX is one of more than 15,400 museums in the MuseumsUSA directory. Find an exciting museum to visit where you live or vacation today.


The Admiral Nimitz SHS/NMPW was begun by a handful of local citizens in 1966. In 1981 the Museum became part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The Admiral Nimitz Foundation, the support organization for the museum, raised money to restore the old Nimitz Hotel as the Admiral Nimitz Museum. The George Bush Gallery, the first element of the National Museum of the Pacific War, opened in June of 1999 and the Pacific Combat Zone opened in December of 2001.

Artifacts Collections

The artifact collection includes 15,000+ items including firearms, aircraft, armored vehicles, ordnance, flags, uniforms and personal gear used by the major combatants during the war in the Pacific. There is an education collection of uniforms and equipment which is utilized by the education department and local organizations for commemorative and educational programs.

Research Collections

The Center for Pacific War Studies (the library and archives) contains 12,000+ photographs, 4000+ bound library volumes (477 out of print), 150 linear feet of documents and manuscripts and over 800 recorded interviews.

Educational Programs

The Admiral Nimitz SHS/NMPW has an active department promoting all elements of the museum to the local, regional and national media. For inquiries call Assistant Director.

The Admiral Nimitz SHS/NMPW offers and annual symposia series which highlights an element of the war in the Pacific. Among the scholars and veterans who have participated are: Walter Lord, Walter Cronkite, John Connally, Saburo Sakai, Joe Foss, Admiral Thomas Moorer, General Ron Fogelman, Navajo codetalker Carl Gorman, Australian coastwatcher Martin Clemens and the commander of a midget sub at Pearl Harbor, Kazuo Sakamaki. The museum also offers annual programs on Memorial Day, 6 June for the Battle of Midway, 14 June, July 4th, Veteran’s Day and December 7th. There are frequently changing exhibits and other activities throughout the year. For more information, call the Assistant Director. There are educational programs available for schools, both “in-house “ and “in the classroom” and an education webpage is under construction. These range from self- guided tours to docent guided tours to opportunities for living history re-enactments. Fees vary with activity, call the Education Director.


The Admiral Nimitz Foundation publishes a quarterly newsletter, the NIMITZ NEWS. They have also published several books related to the symposia series and manuscripts from the collection. These are available through the Foundation Bookstore (830)997-3612.