Street Address
11697 Eagle Drive
Mont Belvieu, TX 77580
Mailing Address
11697 Eagle Drive
Mont Belvieu, TX 77580
phone: 281-385-1706
fax: 281-385-2104
Days' 10 am-2pm - Tues.. Thurs. & 2nd Sat.
Walter Farrell, Director
phone: 281-385-1706
J E Farrell, Parks Director
phone: 281-576-6147
Loretta Dixon, Activities Director
phone: 281-385-6200


We have artifacts, pictures, books and periodicals that relate to the history of our immediate area. We also exhibit art from our local school. We have a few flyers developed along the history of Texas from 1600 to 1846 which we hope visitors will find interesting such as the capital of Texas located at or near Robelline, La. for 52 years, or, The fact that Texas reserved the right to divide their self into five states if they should vote for it.


The museum was developed with the city building a new center in 1993. It was developed with all local volunteers. Presently, the people who 'sit' at the museum during open hours are paid for their time. Early on, the decision was made to serve our western part of the county instead of serving only our city.

Artifacts Collections

There are a few small historical items in the museum. The one notable item being the desk with portals from our first post office which was set up in 1890. On exhibit and in our files are quite a few old pictures from our earlier times, of farming and cattle-ranching and the early oil-fields. We also have most of our school year-books and earlier pictures.