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302 North Charlton
Woodville, TX 75979
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302 N. Charlton
Woodville, TX 75979
phone: 409-283-3709
fax: 409-283-5258
Rosemany Bunch


The museum was given, with the library, to the people of Tyler County in 1966, by Governor and Mrs. Allan Shivers. The building is a Victorian house containing mementos of the governor's gubernatorial service and private life.


In 1963, the Cruse house, built in 1881, had to be removed from it's site. Governor and Mrs. Shivers bought and had it moved to the present site. They restored the building and converted it into a museum. A modern library was added and the whole complex was given to Tyler County.

Artifacts Collections

Collection of mementos of Allan Shivers gubernatorial service and personal history. period furnishings;mementos of the family of Allan Shivers, governor of Texas, including documents, photographs, inaugural ballgowns

Research Collections

7000 books on local history and political reviews, some antique maps.