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Santa Cruz, California
Street Address
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Mailing Address
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
phone: 831-427-2998
fax: 831-427-1524
Daily 9-5
Museum Type(s)
Gift Shop
Daniel Harder, Executive Director
phone: 831-427-2998

Research to "forward the understanding" (including discovery, inventory, conservation, propagation trials, and horticultural introduction) of plants within Mediterranean and Pacific Rim floras including collections from South Africa, Australia, California, New Zealand, Chile, temperate South America, and "Laurasia" and of special botanical and horticultural interest including succulents, conifers, bulb-forming plants, basal angiosperm taxa, and of plant groups of modern research interest. Research initiatives are collaborative and focus on contributing to the preservation and conservation of plants and their supporting habitats. The Arboretum provides leadership, expertise, and resources to conservation efforts through educational and cooperative programs with campus partners and in local and international collaborations and partnerships


The Arboretum is dedicated to forwarding the understanding, appreciation, and conservation of the evolutionary diversity of plants and their environments to sustain high quality of Life on earth.

Vision Statement for 2005-2020
"In 2020, the Arboretum of the University of California, Santa Cruz campus is a recognized campus and community institution and an affirmed leader in plant conservation efforts regionally and internationally. The Arboretum works cooperatively and collaboratively with the UC Santa Cruz to inspire students and draw visitors into the natural world, teaches the essential role of plants in maintaining a high quality of life for all living beings, and is the premier botanical and horticultural information and resource center on the Central Coast of California promoting public awareness of plants, conservation of resources, and healthy environments. As a major outreach arm of the UC Santa Cruz, the Arboretum inspires environmental stewardship through the expert and knowledgeable staff and volunteers, its programs in research contribute to the advancement of scientific understanding, its education programs raise the awareness of teachers and students in the importance of plants and their conservation, and promotes sustainable and responsible actions of regional citizens at their homes and in their communities."

Artifact Collections

Plants from Mediterranean climate regions of the world including Australia, South Africa, California and other regions including New Zealand, Laurasian forests, primitive Angiosperms (flowering plants), World Conifer Collection, orchids, succulents, and New World Temperate, world bulbs, carnivorous plants.

Research Collections

Dudleya, Succulents, Australian, South African, New Zealand, Californian, Conifers, orchids, Indochinese, Amborella trichopoda, basal angiosperms, subtropical and temperate African.

Educational Programs

Education is forwarding the... Appreciation of children and adults in gardening, botany, horticulture, conservation and the natural environment and making the connections between people, our impact on the planet, and the essential role plants play in supporting life on the earth. The Arboretum teaches courses to undergraduate and graduate students from UCSC, provide workshops and seminars for the public and Arboretum Associate members, and develops innovative educational programs for the broader education community -- K-12, teacher training, public interest groups, and visitors.

Outreach. We serve as a center for the engagement with the UCSC, the local community, visitors, and the botanical and horticultural community as these members view our compelling displays of plants, use the library, become involved in programs and events, and are educated through on-site interpretation. These constituencies develop a deeper understanding of the world of plants through our workshops, seminars, teaching, and supporting services. The Arboretum is a unique campus and community resource for information on conservation, gardening, horticulture, botany, biogeography, and natural history.

  • exhibitions
  • children's classes
  • teacher training
  • lectures
  • hands-on workshops
  • demonstrations
  • research
  • seminars
  • guided tours
  • outreach to schools
  • K-12 educational
  • docent tours
  • volunteer program
  • student work program
  • special events
  • plant sales
  • gift shop
  • consulting
  • plant identification

Access: General Public, Students, Scholars, Staff Only

Appointment required: No


Bulletin of the Arboretum, quarterly, In the Garden, volunteer newsletter


parking, wheelchair access, re

free parking



Gift Shop

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