1615 Stanley Street
New Britain, CT 06050
phone: 860-832-2674
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Sandy Elgee, Office Coordinator
phone: 203-624-9186
Elizabeth Shapiro, SMAnet Coordinator
phone: 860-364-5688
Elizabeth Shapiro, President
phone: 860-364-5688


For over 50 years, we have strengthened and sustained our members by sharing knowledge and experience, and promoting best practices among museums, historical societies and all who steward Connecticut’s heritage collections.

What We Can Do for You

1. Improve your effectiveness through an array of programs and resources. 2. Share and explain professional museum standards through educational programs, professional development opportunities, phone calls and online communication. 3.Connect you to the world beyond Connecticut - to resources at the New England Museum Association (NEMA) and the Association for State and Local History. 4. Connect you with other volunteers and professionals working in the heritage field by offering opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction and networking.

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