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Kevin Hurley, Marketing Manager
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Founded in 1955, MSA is a nonprofit, international association organized to advance the success of cultural commerce and of the professionals engaged in it. By encouraging high standards of professional competence and conduct, MSA helps retail professionals at cultural institutions better serve their organizations and the public.

As professional retailers who work in non-profit institutions, MSA members have a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful. Your store is central to extending the visitors experience beyond the front doors and in to the community. Not many business have the dual mission to be profitable and act as a brand ambassador for the institution. When visitors choose to spend their time at your museum, zoo, botanic garden, library or other institution they have an expectation of quality. This extends to the the store as well. MSA’s goal is to provide you the ability to deliver a enjoyable, quality experience for every visitor.

As a business partner, MSA is a community of non-profit retailers who all have the same goal – to be successful. MSA is here to help you learn more about your profession, connect with other operators and vendors and to be your resource in the non-profit retail space.


The MSA community advances the nonprofit retail industry and the professionals engaged in it through advocacy, education, and collaboration.