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502 S. Spring St.
Springfield, IL 62706
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P.O Box 1174
La Salle, IL 61301
phone: 815-343-4814
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Matthew Toland, Administrator & Board Secretary



The Illinois Association of Museums is an agent for positive change in the museum community-providing advocacy, promoting best practices, and fostering the exchange of ideas. Since 1994, the Illinois Association of Museums has awarded the important work of museums across the state, offered grants and scholarships to volunteers and staff to further their understanding of best practice issues, offered workshops and conferences, collaborated with many organizations for the benefit of the museum community, and represented and advocated for museums in the Illinois General Assembly and beyond.


IAM offers numerous resources for museum professionals, volunteers, and the public. Such resources include a lending library, traveling exhibits, technical bulletins, and links to other resources such as administration, conservation, exhibits, fundraising and grants, legislation and advocacy. IAM also offers an Illinois museum directory free to the public.

All library books and traveling exhibits are loaned free to members of IAM. Membership prices range from $40 (individual) up to $200 (corporate institutions).


The Illinois Association of Museums provides the following traveling exhibits as a benefit of membership in the association. They are all free except for the cost of return shipping. Sample press releases are available for each exhibit. The exhibits include Generations of Pride-African Americans in Illinois; World War II: Posters of Illinois; Lincoln Through the Years: 1846-1865; and Bar None: 125 Years of Illinois Women Lawyers.

Programs and Publications:

IAM offers a variety of programs that recognize the work of museums and staff across the state, provide financial support through its grants and scholarships, and help artifacts find new homes. Our educational programs include Spring Workshops of helpful museum information, Museum Day and an annual conference which features an assortment of workshops and knowledgeable speakers.

IAM offers quarterly newsletters of museum information and technical bulletins. The Fall issue also contains an annual report and financial budget.


It is the mission of Illinois Association of Museums to provide advocacy, promote best practices, and foster the exchange of ideas for the Illinois museum community.

Educational Programs

Annual Conference, Awards, Museum Day, workshops