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Rich Lawson, President
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We are a membership organization focused on private owners of homes built prior to 1945. We provide a community and resources aimed to help them make good restoration/preservation decisions in pursuit of sound stewardship.


Society membership starts at just $25 and will give you access to our growing national community of home owners, vendors and old home enthusiasts! Join today and support our mission of inspiring the preservation of our great American homes!

Our Members

Our members range from average homeowners who live in a home built before 1945 to properties on the National Register to historic home enthusiasts. Both public and private homes and gardens are welcome. Suppliers and craftsmen who cater to the historic homeowner are also welcome to join.

Advocacy and Government Affairs

Who represents you when it comes to helping to preserve your historic home? If you're a member, we do! We listen to you and carry your concerns to the highest levels in government. We have a Chief Advocacy Officer on staff who meets regularly with members of both the House and Senate, working to ensure the concerns of owners of historic homes are heard in Congress. We also report on significant issues affecting the historic homeowner in our quarterly magazine, Historic American Homes.


Our Mission

In order to preserve America's treasures for generations to come, the Society for Historic American Homes shall represent the interests of owners of historic homes and gardens to advocate for a favorable fiscal and economic climate in which to restore and maintain their properties; the Society shall provide education to its members and the public on historic preservation; and the Society shall provide a forum for preservation authorities and members to share knowledge.


Why Historic American Homes?

America's old houses are national treasures. Unique and imperiled, they tell the story of the America's past and deserve to be preserved for her future. We at the Society for Historic American Homes work to inspire America to own historic homes, as well as provide historic homeowners with the tools and knowledge for sound stewardship.

We believe our Society is desperately needed in the historic preservation landscape. Interest in old homes has steadily declined since national interest peaked in the several decades immediately following Rockefeller's investment in Colonial Williamsburg (spawning the Colonial Revival period), but we believe that a grass roots approach to cultivating the passion for historic homes will lead to a resurgence. The Society for Historic American Homes was founded on the belief that every homeowner can make a difference.


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