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Museum Conferences
Sat, November 16, 2019 - Mon, September 7, 2020
Newport News, Virginia
Tue, January 14 - Sun, March 1, 2020
Waco, Texas
Tue, February 4 - Sat, March 28, 2020
Nicholas Coley - Art Exhibition
Sausalito, California
Sat, March 14 - Sun, March 15, 2020
Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center
Millville, New Jersey
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February 17, 2020 - March 17, 2020
Saturday, March 14, 2020
11:00 AM - 02:00 PM
Clarkdale Car Show and Chile Cook-off
Clarkdale Historical Society and Museum   Organization Web Page
Clarkdale, Arizona
Visit the museum during the Clarkdale Car Show and Chile Cook-off on Saturday, March 14th, 2020, 11:00am-2:00pm. Identify the vehicle parked in front of the museum! See what models and makes of historic vehicles can be found by viewing the photo exhibits inside. There is no admission fee. Contributions to support the museum are gratefully accepted.
There is no admission fee. Contributions to support the museum are gratefully accepted.


Sat, November 16, 2019 - Mon, September 7, 2020
Toys Ahoy! A Maritime Childhood External Event Page
Newport News, Virginia
Adventure is out there! Toys Ahoy! A Maritime Childhood is a new and fun exhibition that connects the young and the young at heart. ///// Most people may not think of toys as museum artifacts, but the toys are a reflection of our ideas of play and childhood. With almost 100 different items on display to excite everyone of all ages, the collection includes: children's books, interactive board games, card games, puzzles, toys such as wood and paper battleships and motorized miniature engines, and many other historic toys and collectibles from years gone by. ///// Visitors can fulfill their inner kid joy with family-friendly activities, such as: *Play a larger-than-life game inspired by the Battle of Hampton Roads // *Hop in a sailboat and "experience" life at sea // *Dress up as a scuba diver, pirate, or mermaid with silly hats // *Have fun with lots of puzzles and games // *Hear audio book readings // *View cool videos of toys at play, and more! ///// Come explore your childhood again and delight in this wonderful exhibition as you stroll down memory lane with Toys Ahoy! You can't help but smile and laugh as you reminisce over the incredible items that connect our past to the present, and maybe even get a glimpse into the future at America's National Maritime Museum!
Free with $1 admission
For more information, please call 757-596-2222 or email
Tue, January 14 - Sun, March 1, 2020
Department of Art and Art History Faculty Biennial Exhibition External Event Page
Waco, Texas
Please stop by and experience our Department of Art and Art History Faculty Biennial Exhibition.
Tue, January 14 - Sun, March 1, 2020
Played in America: Paintings by John Hartley External Event Page
Waco, Texas
Source: //// Some say there are two ways to approach image making. One is to be influenced by the surrounding environment. Another is to create primarily from an inner world without external reference. My images rely on both. ///// My paintings combine two passions: making art and collecting - linking the past, present, and future through inanimate objects, memories, and relationships. Figures and objects are dramatically lit, some intentionally blurred to obscure positive identification, yet remaining vaguely familiar. ///// The subjects of my work are as diverse as my interests. I use a variety of props for my compositions, including toys, matches, fire, trophies, and portraits of family, friends, and students. The common thread that binds them is time: nostalgia for the past, recognition of former achievements, moments captured in a glance or pose, and the power in a flame's brief life. ///// My aim has always been to create intellectually and emotionally significant statements of the soul.
Tue, February 4 - Sat, March 28, 2020
Nicholas Coley - Art Exhibition
Sausalito, California
Nicholas Coley was born in Connecticut in 1971 and raised in Muir Beach, California. He hitch hiked around the states for a couple years after high school trying to find Don Juan and Carlos Castenada. He was sure he had a destiny to become a medicine man or a brujo, but after getting hepatitis in a hostel in Santa Fe, he moved to Europe and studied art at the Beaux-Arts plus another small school for painting in the south of France. He lived, studied, and meditated daily for a year in a Buddhist Monastery outside of Bordeaux. After reading 'The tropic of Capricorn' by Henry Miller, he decided he was not meant for the disciplined, monastic life and went off in search for a more creative and spontaneous world, taking him to Prague for a year and selling paintings to tourists on the Charles Bridge. From there he took the transiberian railroad through Russia and deep into China before having a complete spiritual collapse in the summer of '94. The good news is it's been a slow climb back up the mountain toward the beneficence and belonging of a higher power. Anchored by the love of a good woman he's actually been able to support his family, two extraordinary little kids (and another on the way), even putting a down payment on a house...all exclusively with the proceeds from painting sales, which he's damn proud of and still sort of in dumb happy shock. For almost 20 years now he has been painting full time, almost everyday. Turns out, he was something of a medicine man after all.
For more information, please call 415-289-3007 or email
Sat, March 14 - Sun, March 15, 2020
A Garden of Quilts External Event Page
Millville, New Jersey
Venue: Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center
Presented by The Garden Patch Quilters, over 150 Traditional and Contemporary Quilts are judged and put on display in the Event Center at WheatonArts, along with a Vendors Mall, Boutique Table, Raffle Quilt, and hourly demonstrations. Admission is $6 per person and tickets can be purchased online or at the door. Members and children 5 & under are free. //// This judged Quilt Show recognizes quality work and provides quilters with an evaluation of their work. Quilts, quilted items, and garments are judged in the following categories: visual impact, color, design, quilting, workmanship, and finishing of the piece.
$6 per person/ Members and children under 5 are Free
For more information, please call 856-825-6800 or email

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