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Delta Junction, Alaska
Historical Society
Provides exhibits at Rika's Roadhouse and Sullivan Roadhouse. See following listings.
Denali Park, Alaska
Collections include botany, zoology, geology, and history. Traditional park activities take place. Reading room and outdoor museum. Publications for sale.
Fairbanks, Alaska
The most comprehensive dog mushing exhibit in the world. The museum features a 15-panel exhibit of photo essay materials entitled "The Driving Spirit: A Salute to Our Sled Dog Tradition." It exhibits sleds used in the major races; Siberian skin clothing, and state-of-the-art cold weather expedition gear; several harnesses showing the progression of style; trophies and other miscellaneous mushing memorabilia. Theater features mushing videos. Museum shop carries items relating to dog mushing.
Wasilla, Alaska
History, Historic House
Come Discover Historic Wasilla! See exciting traveling exhibits; learn local history; visit historic homes and buildings.
Results: 1-4 of 4.