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Boise, Idaho
Hands-on science museum for kids of all ages
Twin Falls, Idaho
Rotating archeology exhibits
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Hands-on science museum for kids of all ages
Lewiston, Idaho
Anthropology, Archaeology, Cemetery, History, Historic House, Historical Society, Library
Pioneer & Nez Pere artifacts
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Home to over 250 animals from 6 continents
Filer, Idaho
History, Historical Society
You may close your eyes and hear the patter of little feet as they wore away the steps and trod the halls of this early day school building. The Union school, built of brick, now is home to hundreds of fascinating artifacts, photos, and documents which can immerse you in the history of Twin Falls County and its builders. View pictures and documentation about towns that thrived at one time but no longer exist.
Results: 1-6 of 6.