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Vandalia, Illinois
General, History, Historic House, Historical Society, Library
1823, the General Assembly deeded the land and provided the funds for the first structure built on this site. The legislative act stated that the land and the funding was to be used to erect a "House of Divine Worship, free for all denominations to worship in...." The little House of Divine Worship was used by many denominations and also as a school and meeting room. As time passed the congregations grew and eventually built their own churches.
Chicago, Illinois
Archaeology, Art, Culture, History, Library, University
The Institute helped launch the first era of exploration of humankind's remote past in the Near East, the cradle of civilization. Today its collection is of the most significant repositories of excavated art objects and artifacts from major archaeological sites in all of the Near East.
Carbondale, Illinois
Children's, Science
The Science Center of Southern Illinois (TSCOSI) was founded in 1992 and opened to the public in 1994. TSCOSI is a 501(c)3 non-for-profit organization funded through donations, admissions, grants and gift shop sales. The Science Center is designed for children ages 3 to 13 and their families. The science museum features several interactive hands-on exhibits dealing with a variety of basic concepts of science, which entice the user to ask questions of themselves and the world around them.
Tampico, Illinois
History, Historical Society
The Tampico Area Historical Society & Museum is located in a 2-story building on Main Street and is part of the district listed on the Nat'l Registry of Historic Places. The main floor displays artifacts of it's rich history, including 4th grade school record of Ronald Reagan, items from the HY&T RR, furniture and fixtures from past business and year books from the now defunct Tampico High School. The upstairs offers more displays of clothing, old school room, trophies & photos.
Charleston, Illinois
Pekin, Illinois
Gridley, Illinois
Chicago, Illinois
Teutopolis, Illinois
Art, History
Chicago, Illinois
Lyndon, Illinois
Historical Society
Elmhurst, Illinois
Historical Society
Thebes, Illinois
Thomson, Illinois
History, Specialized
Here is what a traveller had to say: 11/20/2008
This museum is located in the old Railroad station. I visited in 2008. The staff is an elderly mother/daughter team. The museum is only open on Saturdays for a few hours. There is an some old train cars, inlcuding a crane car, parked outside. They've been parked there since I first visited 50 years ago.
Park Forest, Illinois
Historical Society
Chicago, Illinois
Chillicothe, Illinois
History, Park
A love of folk art and a concern for the quickly disappearing skills of past generations prompted three friends—Lisé Mundwiller, Jennie Hawkey and Joan Quigg—to begin a journey. Their quest: to build a folk art school in Illinois.
Tilton, Illinois
Art, History, Historical Society
Rockford, Illinois
General, History, Historic House
Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum and Gardens is currently expanding its vision and is developing a new methodology for interpreting the Victorian Era represented by the buildings and the grounds and illustrated by the Tinker and Dorr families.
In 1943 Tinker Swiss Cottage opened to the public as a Museum. Tours, exhibits, programs and exhibits are offered year round for visitors of all ages.
Tinley Park, Illinois
History, Historical Society, Park
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