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Golden Pond, Kentucky
Hodgenville, Kentucky
Historical Society
London, Kentucky
Historical Society
London, Kentucky
Culture, History, Historic House, Library
Laurel County History Museum & Genealogy Center is dedicated to historic preservation and history education of Laurel County through research, education and exhibits; promoting and inspiring our youth to continue this project long after those of us that have started it are gone.
Vanceburg, Kentucky
Historical Society
Lewisport, Kentucky
Frankfort, Kentucky
Hodgenville, Kentucky
Stanford, Kentucky
History, Historic House, Historical Society
To promote, protect, and publicize the history of Lincoln County.
Lexington, Kentucky
Smithland, Kentucky
Louisville, Kentucky
Children's, History, Historic House, Park
Of the houses built in Jefferson County in the late eighteenth century, Locust Grove was one of the finest. The Croghan family sold the property in 1878 to river boat captain James Paul. In 1883 Richard Waters, of Hermitage Farm, bought Locust Grove and it remained in the Waters family until 1961 when the site was purchased by Jefferson County and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Following extensive restoration the historic house was opened to the public in 1964.
Louisville, Kentucky
Prospect, Kentucky
Eddyville, Kentucky
Historical Society
Results: 1-15 of 15.