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Cotuit, Massachusetts
Northampton, Massachusetts
History, Library, Specialized
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Culture, History, Historic House, Historical Society, Library
We are Cambridge history. We inspire interest in and enthusiasm for the Cambridge experience; its changing landscapes and neighborhoods; its workers and thinkers; its daily life and innovative contributions to the nation. We are a resource for everyone who wants to know about Cambridge and its history.
Gloucester, Massachusetts
Art, Culture, History, Historic House, Library, Specialized
The Cape Ann Museum tells multiple stories, a relating to this remarkable place. The Museum collects and exhibits the art produced here, interprets the history that shaped it, and narrates the economic and social forces that define it.
Mashpee, Massachusetts
Children's, Planetarium, Science
A non-profit organization, the Cape Cod Children’s Museum is a place where families can learn and play together. Come and explore our facilities located in Mashpee. With lots of hands on Exhibits, Programs, and Gift Shop you’ll find plenty to do! Make new friends and learn about our many events and programs while your child is free to explore, touch and discover.
Dennis, Massachusetts
Brewster, Massachusetts
Natural History
The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History integrates the three strands of its organizational identity – as museum of natural history, nature education center, and steward of conservation land.

As a small museum of natural history, we will preserve, exhibit, and interpret our own collections of natural history artifacts and display relevant traveling and loan exhibits. We may also collaborate with local and regional organizations on co-sponsored exhibits.
Attleboro, Massachusetts
Capron Park Zoo is a small child-friendly zoo that allows close encounters with animals in an interactive setting. There are some familiar zoo favorites such as kangaroos, otters and snow leopards as well as animals people are unfamiliar with such as the Binturong, Genet and Dourcouli Monkey. The zoo also has great education opportunities from summer programs to the Halloween Spooktacular Event.
Weston, Massachusetts
Carlisle, Massachusetts
Historical Society
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Centerville, Massachusetts
Historical Society
Charlemont, Massachusetts
Waltham, Massachusetts
Charlestown, Massachusetts
Historical Society
The CHS is housed on the 3rd flr of the Bunker Hill Museum building. The museum itself is managed by the Parks Service in partnership with the City of Boston and the CHS. The CHS is a separate non-funded entity, and is membership fee based. Current membership is around 200. The CHS provides several events through the year, usually in the Museum auditorium, with the events focusing on the history of Charlestown.
Charlton, Massachusetts
General, History, Historic House, Historical Society
The Rider Tavern is the centerpiece of the Town of Charlton's Northside Historic District. Completed in 1799, the tavern is a well-documented Federal period inn that has been restored over the last 30 years by volunteers. Nearby are the town of Charlton's Number 2 Schoolhouse (also open for tours by appointment through the Charlton Historical Society, militia lot where General Lafayette reviewed the troops in 1824, and the boyhood home of Dr. William T. G.
Chatham, Massachusetts
Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Historical Society
Chesterfield, Massachusetts
Results: 1-20 of 41.
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New York, New York
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