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Springfield, Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts
Paxton, Massachusetts
Salem, Massachusetts
Archaeology, Art, Culture, History, Historic House, Library, Science
As the first major step in PEM’s expansion, some galleries are closed for renovation until fall 2013. The refurbished spaces will reopen with the highest level of environmental controls and a steady program of changing exhibitions. Later in 2013, select artworks from the galleries that closed will be on view elsewhere in the museum. Please consult the Gallery Updates below, and the exhibitions and collection pages when planning your visit. Stay tuned for more exciting expansion project news.
Peabody, Massachusetts
Historical Society
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Anthropology, Archaeology
The Peabody Museum is the region's principle world cultures museum, with vast collections from North America, ancient Mesoamerica, Africa, and Oceania. Changing exhibits explore human societies and culture from prehistory to the present. Experience the Plains Indian wars from the Lakota perspective, marvel at the spectacular wall paintings of the Maya, Moche, and American southwest, and explore the many island cultures of the Pacific.
Pembroke, Massachusetts
Historical Society
Plymouth, Massachusetts
Provincetown, Massachusetts
Plymouth, Massachusetts
Archaeology, Botanical Garden, Cemetery, Children's, Culture, General, History, Historic House, Historical Society, Library, Park, Specialized
Plimoth Plantation, a bicultural museum, offers powerful personal encounters with history built on thorough research about the Wampanoag People and the Colonial English community in the 1600s. Our exhibits, programs, live interpreters, and historic settings encourage a new level of understanding about present-day issues affecting communities around the world.
Plymouth, Massachusetts
Plympton, Massachusetts
Historical Society
Deerfield, Massachusetts
Onset, Massachusetts
Hadley, Massachusetts
History, Historic House
Worcester, Massachusetts
Provincetown, Massachusetts
Since 1914, the Provincetown Art Association and Museum has anchored the Provincetown arts community, serving as both a collecting museum and a professional artists' association. PAAM houses five galleries, two sculpture gardens, and an accredited Museum School run by professional artists, making it the most dynamic contemporary cultural center on Cape Cod.
Provincetown, Massachusetts
Provincetown, Massachusetts
Results: 1-19 of 19.
New York, New York
Founded in 1886 in Langenthal, Switzerland, Création Baumann is one of the central hubs of activity in the world of textiles. Through years of growth and change, one thing has always remained: our passion for fabrics. more...
Museum Conferences
Fri, June 19 - Sun, June 21, 2020
Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture
Spokane, Washington
Wed, July 22 - Sat, July 25, 2020
Hyatt Regency Milwaukee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Tue, September 1 - Wed, September 30, 2020
Miami, Florida
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