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Gaylord, Michigan
Nature Centers
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Capac, Michigan
Historical Society
Three Rivers, Michigan
Saginaw, Michigan
“The Historical Society of Saginaw County is committed to serve the community by telling the continuing story of the people of the Saginaw region through exploration, preservation and presentation of their historical and cultural heritage.”
Portage, Michigan
Archaeology, Children's, Culture, General, History, Nature Centers, Park, Science, Specialized
Tours, museums, and artifacts depict the region's celery farming heritage at this center. In addition, the center features an 1856, one-room schoolhouse, a 1931 grain elevator, playground facilities, a picnic area, biking and walking trails, the Hayloft Theatre, and summer festivals such as Family Festival, New Orleans Festival, and Michigan Shakespeare Festival.
Detroit, Michigan
Art, Children's, Culture, History

To be recognized as the institution of choice for exploring and presenting African American history and culture.

Charlevoix, Michigan
Historical Society
Chassell, Michigan
Cheboygan, Michigan
General, History, Historic House, Historical Society
All of the efforts of the society are centered on helping our citizens appreciate and learn from our history so we can build a great present and future for ourselves and descendants.

We have lots of community activities - some of them at the museum, some at other locations. Right now, we are working with our local garden club to create a Victorian planting to complement our Sheriff's Residence and Jail.
Midland, Michigan
Nature Centers
Wayne, Michigan
Clare, Michigan
Historical Society
Coopersville, Michigan
Historical Society
Calumet, Michigan
Charlotte, Michigan
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Results: 1-20 of 22.
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New York, New York
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