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MuseOps, a Preston Argus service, helps museums and historic sites analyze information and make decisions that are easily explainable to staff, board members, donors, the community, and other stakeholders. Our analytical models help you maximize your resources to best fulfill your mission and provide quality experiences for your visitors. more...
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St Louis, Missouri
Kansas City, Missouri
Historic House
Branson, Missouri
America's Presidency is a culmination of several private collections into one unique display of America's Presidency from George Washington through today. Walk among the Founding Fathers, feel the intensity of the Civil War years. Stand in the Oval Office, and learn about contributions of dozens of our Presidents through the years. Hundreds of authentic collectibles, photos and more make up this unique gallery.
Kansas City, Missouri
LaPlata, Missouri
Art, Culture, General, History, Library
The Silver Rails Gallery and Memorial Library is dedicated entirely to railroad art and literature. We explore all types of mediums in our exhibit room including watercolor, wood carving, colored pencil, photography and oils. That is only the beginning. This is a living museum so that when you come to visit it for a second time there will be something new for you too see. The library is stocked full of railroad books and magazines for your reference ands study.
Kansas City, Missouri
Savannah, Missouri
Culture, General, History, Historical Society
The Board of Directors and staff strive to make the Museum a community gathering place where visitors learn and take pride in Andrew County’s rural way of life —its families, farms, towns, social life, and community spirit.
St Louis, Missouri
Kansas City, Missouri
History, Specialized
Mexico, Missouri
Historical Society
Museum complex including 1857 country home, 1889 country church, 1903 country school, American Saddle Horse Museum, and Audrain County Fire Brick Museum (under construction).
Augusta, Missouri
Historical Society
Results: 1-12 of 12.