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ArcheoArts specializes in smaller museums and smaller budgets, yet produces major-museum/high-budget results. Let us restore and repair your exisiting acquisitons and showcase them in updated, visually stunning new exhibits. more...
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Independence, Missouri
Historical Society
Blue Springs, Missouri
Jackson, Missouri
St James, Missouri
St Louis, Missouri
St Louis, Missouri
History, Science, Specialized
The Jefferson Barracks Telephone Museum is housed in a beautifully restored 1896 building that is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is located in the 426-acre historic Jefferson Barracks Park which is a 15 minute drive south of downtown St. Louis.
St Louis, Missouri
Jennings, Missouri
Historical Society
Citizen orgainzed in 1980. 501c3 non-profit. Dues supported. One room of collections; donated photos, high school yearbooks, newspapers histories of various churches, businesses, etc. Paper documents and small items.
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
The Museum complex houses 4 US Army museum, the Engineer, Chemical, and Military Police Museum present the their individual corps history while the Fort Leonard Wood Museum presents the history of Fort Leonad Wood as an Army installation.
Kansas City, Missouri
Joplin, Missouri
Results: 1-11 of 11.