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Morganton, North Carolina
Ground leavel of old courthouse contains exhibits on Old Courthouse, Court system, and turn of the century lawyer's office.
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Preserves the heritage of the Moravians in Salem.
Wilkesboro, North Carolina
Ante-bellum Civil War jail which once incarcerated the famous Tom Dula.(Dooley)
Richlands, North Carolina
Emphasizes the natural and cultural history of Onslow County.New l5,000 square foot structure open to public in l995.
Hillsborough, North Carolina
Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, Cemetery, Children's, Church, Culture, General, History, Historic House, Historical Society, Library, Military, Natural History
The Orange County Historical Museum is located in downtown Historic Hillsborough, one of the early capital cities of North Carolina. The community is steeped in history, from the early Native Americans, the Occaneechi, to the hanging of the Regulators apprehended during the Battle of Alamance, a prelude engagement to the American Revolution. Soldiers from the British Army to Confederate soldiers of the American Civil War have marched through the streets of this quaint town.
Results: 1-5 of 5.