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Chadron, Nebraska
Culture, General, History, University
The Center is a landmark on the Chadron State College that features displays that celebrate the life and literature of Mari Sandoz as well as the culture of the High Plains. The Chicoine Atrium is also part of the Center and is a beautiful events space.
Gordon, Nebraska
McCook, Nebraska
Historical Society
Tryon, Nebraska
Historical Society
Central City, Nebraska
Historical Society
Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Historical Society
Omaha, Nebraska
Nebraska City, Nebraska
Children's, General, Historical Society, Natural History, Nature Centers, Park, Science
Education through time-honored methods of observation and discovery is the central mission of this interactive center and adjoining hiking trails. The flora and fauna (178 new plants and 122 new animals) and scientific discoveries recorded by the Lewis & Clark Expedition (1804-1806) are the focus of the Center. This theme is exciting and unique because no other museum or interpretive center in the nation, existing or planned, focuses on the captains’ amazing scientific discoveries.
Mason City, Nebraska
Historical Society
Murdock, Nebraska
Historical Society
Scribner, Nebraska
Brownville, Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska
Saint Paul, Nebraska
Chadron, Nebraska
Results: 1-16 of 16.