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Tessellate is a full service experiential design firm co-founded in 2013 by a team of seasoned designers (WBE certified). We saw an opportunity to develop a fresh approach within a traditional exhibit design industry. Our mission is to create new audience experiences and immersive museum environments by merging the physical and digital worlds in new ways. more...
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Forty Fort, Pennsylvania
Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Easton, Pennsylvania
Paradise, Pennsylvania
Culture, History, Specialized
Nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, the National Christmas Center is dedicated to preserving and sharing precious mementos From the images of childhood to the traditions of our past generations, Christmas is unlike any other holiday. The National Christmas Center is dedicated to preserving and sharing precious mementoes and memories of Christmases past.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Children's, General, History, Historical Society, Library, Science
Located in the heart of historic Philadelphia, the National Liberty Museum is dedicated to defusing violence and bigotry by celebrating America’s heritage of freedom and the wonderfully diverse society it has produced. The Museum includes 76 exhibits, 179 works of contemporary art, and stories of 1,993 heroes within eight expansive galleries and adjacent spaces.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Brownsville, Pennsylvania
Children's, General, History, Nature Centers, Park, Specialized
A working, living museum of antique farm machinery, vintage construction equipment, crafts, flea market, and great food.
Biglerville, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Devault, Pennsylvania
Brownsville, Pennsylvania
Culture, History, Historic House, Historical Society, Park
Nemacolin Castle, also known as Bowman's Castle, was built in present-day Brownsville, Pennsylvania, at the western terminus of the Nemacolin's Trail. It was built around the original trading post, which was built near the site of Fort Burd, the latter built by British colonists during the French and Indian War. Construction on the castle, including additions of a crenelated tower, continued through the Victorian era.
Wallingford, Pennsylvania
Historical Society
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
New Berlin, Pennsylvania
New Brighton, Pennsylvania
Historical Society
Results: 1-20 of 39.
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