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Tessellate is a full service experiential design firm co-founded in 2013 by a team of seasoned designers (WBE certified). We saw an opportunity to develop a fresh approach within a traditional exhibit design industry. Our mission is to create new audience experiences and immersive museum environments by merging the physical and digital worlds in new ways. more...
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Lake Preston, South Dakota
Culture, General, History, Historic House, Historical Society
Welcome to Lake Preston, South Dakota, strategically located on US Hwy 14 with unit train access to the DM&E Railroad. Nestled between Lake Thompson, Lake Henry, Lake Whitewood and Lake Preston, the area is paradise for hunters and fishermen. Over fifty businesses including a high-tech tool and die manufacturer call Lake Preston home, with agriculture supporting much of the economy with a full service agronomy center and elevator.
Fort Thompson, South Dakota
De Smet, South Dakota
Historic House
Lennox, South Dakota
Historical Society
Yankton, South Dakota
Oldham, South Dakota
Historic House
Presho, South Dakota
Results: 1-7 of 7.