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Marlton, New Jersey
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McLaughlin, South Dakota
Faulkton, South Dakota
Historic House
Hot Springs, South Dakota
Archaeology, General, Natural History, Science
For centuries the bones lay buried, until discovered by chance in 1974 while excavating for a housing development, earth moving equipment exposed South Dakota's greatest fossil treasure. Fortunately, through the work of local citizens, the Mammoth Site was preserved. Today it is the world's largest Columbian mammoth exhibit, and a world-renown research center for Pleistocene studies.
Salem, South Dakota
Brookings, South Dakota
Arboretum, Botanical Garden
White River, South Dakota
Historical Society
Watertown, South Dakota
Historic House
Blunt, South Dakota
Historic House
Midland, South Dakota
History, Historic House
Flandreau, South Dakota
Historical Society
Keystone, South Dakota
Rapid City, South Dakota
Natural History
Results: 1-12 of 12.