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Johnson City, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee
Mercer, Tennessee
This Cemetery dates back to the 1820's. There are 38 Confederate Troops buried here, they were killed and placed in what the community called the murder hole. Mr. Miles Hayes along with his slaves moved the bodies to this cemetery. He buried them in a trench. This was the site of a Methodist Church.
Knoxville, Tennessee
Franklin, Tennessee
Southside, Tennessee
Jackson, Tennessee
Children's, History, Historic House, Specialized
The Nashville,Chattanooga,& St.Louis Railway passenger Depot built in 1907,and restored by the Cit of Jackson in 1996 into a museum as a lasting tribute to the impact of the railroads on the growth of Jachson,TN.
Hendersonville, Tennessee
Rugby, Tennessee
History, Historic House
Rugby Colony National Register Historic District is a living historical village reflecting the life and times of founder Thomas Hughes' Utopian dream and the early settlers of the 1880's.
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Results: 1-10 of 10.