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Phillippi, West Virginia
General, History, Historic House, Historical Society, Library
Museum reorganizing to celebrate the 150th celebration of the First Land Battle of the Civil War in 2011. Included in admission donation is admission to the Philippi Mummies.
Elizabeth, West Virginia
History, Historic House
The Beauchamp-Newman Museum, long known as the “Old Red Brick” is the oldest brick building in Elizabeth. It was built around 1835-40, by Alfred Beauchamp, grandson of the first settler in the community. It is believed that the bricks were made from local clay deposits on his land, probably by slaves.
Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
Martinsburg, West Virginia
Historical Society
Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
Shinnston, West Virginia
General, History, Library
Will be adding Pictures and memorabilia from Shinnston High School this spring. Also added 2700 sq ft of exhibition area.
Huntington, West Virginia
Parkersburg, West Virginia
Hinton, West Virginia
Natural History, Park
Bramwell, West Virginia
Kingwood, West Virginia
Burnsville, West Virginia
Results: 1-14 of 14.