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Lewistown, Illinois
Culture, General, History, Historic House, Historical Society, Specialized
There are only a very few blacksmith shop museums in the entire country, and most have been devised and placed inside museum buildings or within reconstructed pioneer or Colonial villages. The Rasmussen Blacksmith Shop Museum in Lewistown is a notable exception to this trend. It is located right on Main Street.
Carmi, Illinois
General, History, Historic House, Historical Society, Library
The WCHS was founded in 1957, and established its first museum in Carmi when the Ratcliff Inn was saved from destruction in 1960. Abraham Lincoln stayed in the Inn in 1840, and its original owner served in many county offices from 1818 to 1848.
Chicago, Illinois
Children's, History, Historical Society, Park
Riverdale, Illinois
Historical Society
Riverside, Illinois
Culture, History, Historical Society
The Riverside Historical Museum is located in the East Well House next to the historic Water Tower designed by William Le Barron Jenney. A new exhibit space in the East Well House has recently been completed. New permanent displays are currently being developed.

The Museum is managed and operated by the seven-member volunteer Riverside Historical Commission.
Robbins, Illinois
Historical Society
Carmi, Illinois
Historic House, Historical Society
The oldest home in Carmi, built 1814, containing historic furnishings of the Robinson, Stewart, Webb and Hay families. All artifacts were owned by Mary Jane Robison Stewart, who donated them and the house to the historical society in 1966.
Moline, Illinois
History, Historical Society
Rockford, Illinois
History, Historical Society
We have no current contact information for this chapter. Please contact the Illinois Historical Society at 217-525-2781 for more details.
Rockton, Illinois
Historical Society
Chicago, Illinois
Culture, History, Historical Society, Park
The Rogers Park and West Ridge community areas of the City of Chicago are among the most diverse in the country by any yardstick. The history is wide and extremely varied. We are the curators of this history for present and future generations.
Romeoville, Illinois
Historical Society
The Romeoville Area Historical Society collects and displays information and artifacts from Romeoville, Bolinbroook and rural DuPage Township, specializing in the early farming community, one-room schools, the first 45/15 all-year school district and Hampton Park where houses were "built in a day".
Tampico, Illinois
Historic House, Historical Society
Birthplace of President Ronald Reagan. Born in an apartment over a bakery, which later became a bank. The bank has been restored to it's original layout and the Reagan apartment has been furnished reminiscent of the time frame when young Ronald lived there. A Gift Shop is located next door for souvenirs and a photo gallery of prominent people in Ronald's life in Tampico. Tours of the Reagan Birthplace upstairs apartment, and The 1st National Bank on first floor are available.
Results: 1-13 of 13.
New York, New York
Founded in 1886 in Langenthal, Switzerland, Création Baumann is one of the central hubs of activity in the world of textiles. Through years of growth and change, one thing has always remained: our passion for fabrics. more...
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