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Westerville, Ohio
History, Historic House, Historical Society
This is the home of Benjamin Russel Hanby, composer of numerous songs, most notably, "Darling Nelly Gray" and "Up On The Housetop." Hanby played many roles in his life: student, abolitionist, father, teacher, and minister. But it was as a composer that we best remember him.
Findlay, Ohio
Marion, Ohio
Warren G. Harding launched himself into the White house in 1920 with his famous "front porch" campaign, which he conducted from his Victorian home in Marion, Ohio.
Marietta, Ohio
Marion, Ohio
Zanesville, Ohio
Canton, Ohio
Yellow Springs, Ohio
Elyria, Ohio
Historical Society
Hicksville, Ohio
History, Historical Society
Hicksville’s Historical Society launched its website on January 24, 2006, with a photo gallery and selection of familiar features highlighting Hicksville faces and places. Andrew Haver designed the site and guided its development. Dianne Grimm supplied vintage photos, while Jan Heffelfinger took on duties as photographer for the present day. Mary Smith coordinated research and text.
Cleveland, Ohio
Results: 1-20 of 36.
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