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Tucson, Arizona
ArcheoArts specializes in smaller museums and smaller budgets, yet produces major-museum/high-budget results. Let us restore and repair your exisiting acquisitons and showcase them in updated, visually stunning new exhibits. more...
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Toccoa, Georgia
General, History, Historic House, Historical Society, Library, Military, Specialized
Currahee Military Museum is an incredible tribute to the WWII paratroopers that trained at Camp Toccoa at Currahee. Members of the 101st, 11th and 17th Airborne, they set the mark high while training to be some of the most physically fit men in the Army. One of our featured exhibits is a restored horse stable 75 feet lone, that was used as housing in Aldbourne, England before and after D-Day 1944.
Toccoa, Georgia
History, Specialized
Was your desire to speed down the track in candy apple red Corvette Sting Ray? Or maybe a Mustang GT500 is more your style? Sean’s dream since he could remember was his Pop’s ’59 Cadillac Coup De Ville. He never saw the car in the daylight growing up, it stayed safe, covered up in his Pop’s shop. Years after his Pop passed the Caddy still sat in the shop, it’s future unknown.
Results: 1-3 of 3.