New York, New York
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York, Pennsylvania
York, Pennsylvania
The Fire Museum is closed mid-December to mid-April. Questions or information may be directed to Scott Royer, Director of Education at our Agricultural & Industrial Museum - 717-846-6452.
York, Pennsylvania
Historical Society
Currently, YCHT oversees three museums, a research library and archives, four historic properties, one replica building, and the Murals of York.

Via these resources, YCHT can interpret more than 250 years of York's history on all levels (political, cultural, social, religious, industrial, agricultural) and in all educational formats (lectures, exhibits, publications, programming, online).
York, Pennsylvania
History, Specialized
The Police Heritage Museum grew out of one officer's desire to know more about the history of the York City Police Department. The officer's large personal collection of law enforcement artifacts, and the knowledge he gained during his search, became the impetus for the museum. Late in 1994 a core group of individuals met to discuss the incorporation of a police museum.
York, Pennsylvania
Culture, General, Library, Science, Specialized
The Weightlifting Hall of Fame contains a diverse history of the strength sports, their evolution from mythology to early Olympic Games and from the 19th and 20th century amateur and professional strongmen to the current specialized sport of Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding.
York, Pennsylvania
Art, Culture, General, University
The York College Galleries are located on the first floor of Wolf Hall. Free visitor parking is adjacent to Wolf Hall. The art galleries are wheelchair accessible. All exhibitions and receptions are free and open to the public.
Results: 1-7 of 7.