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Fresno, California
Church, Culture, General, History, Historical Society, Specialized
Opened in June 1993, this museum hosts rotating and permanent displays concerning African-American history and culture. Interpretive displays describe the lives and times of leading San Joaquin Valley African- American literature.
Oakland, California
General, History, Library
African American Museum in Oakland, CA is one of more than 15,400 museums in the MuseumsUSA directory. Find an exciting museum to visit where you live or vacation today.
New Almaden, California
history of mercury mine, Yokut Indian cultural artifacts, articles from St. Anthony's Church
Amador City, California
history of region, cultural exhibits, focus on contribution of women
Long Beach, California
Art, Culture, General
The American Museum of Straw Art shall exist to foster an understanding of the straw arts in all of its complexities, through various exhibitions of its cultural significance, folklore, history, technique, and shall, therefore, act as an agent of research, preservation and education to insure the survival and continuation of this artistic medium. The museum shall further acquire international examples of straw art that are in keeping with these values.
Anaheim, California
Art, Culture, General, History, Historic House, Library
"The Anaheim Muzeo shows what can be done to restore an abused old building to its former glory. Built and dedicated in 1908, the Muzeo structure is the only surviving Carnegie library in Orange County, and it’s on the National Register of Historic Places. The Muzeo opened in October, 2007, and includes the former Anaheim History Room as the Anaheim Heritage Center and Disney Resort Reading Room.
Angels Camp, California
Children's, Culture, General, History, Historic House, Historical Society, Natural History, Science, Specialized
This beautiful little foothill town was founded in 1848 and two years later Placer gold was discovered. Located in Calaveras County, and the home of Mark Twain's famous Jumping Frog Jubilee, Angels Camp is nestled peacefully in the Sierra Foothills between Yosemite and Lake Tahoe, just three hours from the bay area.
Pescadero, California
Display on elephant seals, shorebird display, earthquake faults, tools and buggies left behind by early pioneers
Lancaster, California
Antelope Valley African American Museum in Lancaster, CA is one of more than 15,400 museums in the MuseumsUSA directory. Find an exciting museum to visit where you live or vacation today.
Lancaster, California
Archaeology, Botanical Garden, Culture, General, History, Historic House, Natural History, Nature Centers, Park, Science, Specialized
Each spring, the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve comes alive with the seasonal surprises of the Mojave Desert Grassland habitat. The duration and intensity of colors and scents vary from year to year. The wildflower season generally lasts from as early as mid-February through May, with a variety of wildflowers creating a mosaic of color that changes daily.
San Luis Obispo, California
General, History, Historic House, Science
Apple Farm Mill House in San Luis Obispo, CA is one of more than 15,400 museums in the MuseumsUSA directory. Find an exciting museum to visit where you live or vacation today.
San Francisco, California
Children's, General, Natural History, Nature Centers, Science, Specialized
Aquarium of the Bay is San Francisco Bay’s Aquarium. We are passionate about providing fun and unforgettable encounters with our natural world in ways that ignite both wonder and conservation. We do this from our 50,000 square foot building at the heart of San Francisco's history and culture. We are nestled in the shadow of Coit Tower and Telegraph Hill on Fisherman’s Wharf at PIER 39, along the City’s “Walkable Waterfront.”
Fremont, California
General, History, Historic House, Park
George Washington Patterson came west in 1849 to seek his fortune in the goldfields of California. Instead he "struck gold" in the fertile farm fields of Southern Alameda County.
Bangor, California
Church, General, History, Historic House, Historical Society, Library
Bangor Church is located in the beautiful foothills of Butte County, southeast of Oroville. Bangor is a Gold Rush era town, which at one point had a population of 30,000. The Bangor Church is the oldest original church in Butte County, built in 1882. Today it is used as a museum celebrating the history of the local area. It also may be rented for weddings. For more information contact Eric or Jennifer Anderson at (530)679-0775.
Sausalito, California
Children's, General, History, Nature Centers, Park, Science
At the Bay Area Discovery Museum, play cultivates creativity. The construction cones in Lookout Cove turn out to make perfect wizard hats. And who would have predicted that children would use the hidden reaches of the willow-maze as a garage for the gravel-pit dump trucks, or that they would ride those trucks down the incline of the Golden Gate Bridge? At the Museum, it is not unusual to see children playing within an exhibition in ways never imagined by the exhibit designers.
Sausalito, California
General, History, Natural History, Nature Centers, Science
The Bay Model and the Bay Model Visitor Center is a research and education facility built and managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Inside is one of the most fascinating scientific tools you'll ever see: a working hydraulic model of San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento - San Joaquin River Delta Systems; simulate tide, currents, sediment movement. Used by scientists and engineers.
Point Reyes, California
weather station, Miwok Indians, ranching, dairy farmers, plant and animal specimens, shipwrecks
Benicia, California
Children's, Culture, General, History, Historic House, Library, Specialized
All of the buildings on the complex are built of native California sandstone quarried right off the site. Their massive, austere style set a precedent at the Arsenal that was followed for most of the buildings constructed in the 1850's. The Arsenal is one of only three locations where native California sandstone was used for US military installations. The other two are Ft. Sill in Oklahoma and Ft. Tejon near Gorman, CA.
Auburn, California
Culture, General, History, Historic House, Park, Science
Set on 2.3 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, the Bernhard Museum Complex includes the Bernhard residence, wine storage building, wine processing building, and a barn. Today, the residence is a Victorian era house museum, but there remain faint whispers from the structure’s Travelers Rest days.
Sacramento, California
General, History, Historic House, Science
Over the last 20 years, the Old Sacramento Historic District has grown and matured into a well-recognized town within a city. Highly visible within the district are the cluster of reconstructed and restored buildings that comprise the California State Railroad Museum and Old Sacramento State Historic Park.
Results: 1-20 of 171.
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March 8 - March 11, 2023
Oakland, California
California Association of Museums 2023 Conference: ON COMMON GROUND
Hosted by:
March 11 - March 14, 2023
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Virginia Association of Museum's 2023 Annual Conference!
Hosted by:
March 14 - March 17, 2023
Memphis, Tennessee
2023 Tennessee Association of Museums Conference: Unfinished Revolutions
Hosted by:
Charles Town, West Virginia

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