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McClellan, California
History, Library, Military, Science, Specialized
Since we opened the new Museum pavilion and air park in February 2007, over 250,000 visitors have come to view our unique collection of 40 military and civilian aircraft, the 15 restored engines on display, use the educational programs, and enjoy the Coast Guard art collection.
Edwards Air Force Base, California
History, Military, Science, Specialized
The Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC) Museum is an Air Force Field Museum operating within the guidelines of the USAF Heritage Program. Its mission is to collect, interpret, preserve, and display the material history of the AFFTC, Edwards AFB and its antecedents, and the history of USAF flight testing.
South El Monte, California
History, Library, Military, Specialized
Located just 12 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, and you’ll find the American Society of Military History (ASMH). Our non-profit military history Museum is home to over 175 military vehicles & outdoor exhibits dating from 1933 to the present.

Since 1962 we have been dedicated to preserving our nation's military history. We recognize the immeasurable contributions of those in previous generations who have dedicated their lives to defend our nation.
Camarillo, California
History, Military, Specialized
C.A.F. Southern California Wing - World War II Aviation Museum in Camarillo, CA is one of more than 15,400 museums in the MuseumsUSA directory. Find an exciting museum to visit where you live or vacation today.
Sacramento, California
Please see the article at the URL. This museum is closed until the State and the Foundation resolve ownership questions.
San Luis Obispo, California
The Camp San Luis Obispo museum is a tribute to the Soldier and Airman who have passed through our Gates from 1928 to present.
Chico, California
Culture, History, Military, Specialized
Located in an original 1941 Army Air Corps Hangar in Chico Municipal Airport, the Chico Air Museum a great way to learn about the incredible Aviation History in the Northern Sacramento Valley. Dating back to 1911 with the incredible Thaddeus Kerns, the history spans early airliners, development of air tankers, military flight training, record setting high altitude balloon research and even a Titan I atomic missile base.
Costa Mesa, California
History, Historic House, Historical Society, Military
Our Society has two facilities, the Diego Sepulveda Adobe (California Historical Landmark #227), and our headquarters/museum/research facility at 1870 Anaheim Street in Costa Mesa. A part of our group, the Santa Ana Army Air Base Wing, covers the Santa Ana Army Air Base which was a pre-flight school for pilots, navigators and bombardiers from 1942-1946. We have collections covering both Costa Mesa and the SAAAB, as well as exhibits for both. When corresponding, please use our P.O.
Paso Robles, California
History, Military, Specialized
Adopting a name to memorialize the World War II Estrella Army Air Force Base that is now Paso Robles Municipal Airport, the Museum was chartered as a not-for-profit California corporation in 1995, and 501(c.3) accreditation soon followed to establish us with the US Departments of Navy and Air Force, as well as the state of California, as an organization approved to receive surplus aircraft and other government properties.
Fresno, California
Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, Cemetery, Culture, General, History, Historical Society, Library, Military, Natural History, Specialized
The Fresno Historical Society Archives welcomes the use of its collections. The mission of an Archives includes two equally important components. In addition to providing access to primary source material for study and research, an Archives is a repository that is charged with the preservation of primary source materials of all kinds.
Riverside, California
General, History, Military, Science, Specialized
Our most important assets are our experienced volunteers who are more than willing to share historical facts, technical data, flight information and little known truths about the past. World WarII vets are dying off at the rate of 1,500 per week so it's important that we let them tell their stories. We are fortunate enough to have over 100 volunteers who are willing to share the past with our guests.
Alturas, California
Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, Culture, General, History, Historical Society, Library, Military, Natural History, Nature Centers
Located in Alturas, it contains several exhibits pertaining to the culture and history of Modoc County in California. Exhibits range from prehistoric cultures to modern residents of the surrounding region. Natural history including mammoth bone, and a taxidermist collection of several local species. A gun collection of over 200 firearms all used and collected by local people.
San Francisco, California
History, Military
The SS Jeremiah O'Brien is one of two remaining fully functional Liberty ships of the 2,710 built and launched during World War II. The O'Brien has the distinction of being the last unaltered Liberty ship and remains historically accurate. Moored at Pier 45, Fisherman's Wharf, she is a premier San Francisco attraction.
Fort Irwin, California
General, History, Military, Specialized
The museum houses two storylines under one roof--the history of military presence since 1844 on what is present day Fort Irwin and the history of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment from 1901-Present.
Redding, California
History, Library, Military, Park
We rotate out of our permanent collection and highlight special exhibits brought in by other organizations or private collectors
San Pedro, California
History, Military, Science
Battleship USS Iowa Museum - Adventure Through History. We invite you to discover the Battleship of Presidents and the West Coast's only battleship museum. A unique experience on board takes you on a memorable family journey through World War II, Korean War, and Cold War; following in footsteps of sailors that lived on the most powerful warship built to date. Visitors tour six decks of wood & steel and numerous exhibits on the Battleship that hosted three U.S.
Chino, California
History, Military, Science, Specialized
The journey from 10 original aircraft to over 150 has been a long one, the mission has never changed. Planes of Fame Air Museum remains dedicated to collecting, restoring, preserving and displaying aircraft and memorabilia for the educational benefit of current and future generations.
San Pedro, California
History, Military
The SS Lane Victory was built during WWII to transport cargo. There were 534 Victory ships built, and this is the only one on display in the world.
San Diego, California
General, History, Library, Military, Science, Specialized
The San Diego Aerospace Museum was the first aviation museum to be accredited by the American Association of Museums and is considered one of the top five aviation and space museums in the nation.
Its mission - celebrate, educate, and inspire - guides the Museum in its goal to encourage involvement in aerospace by discovering the history of achievements in this field.
Stockton, California
General, History, Military, Specialized
The Stockton Field Aviation Museum is a nonprofit all volunteer organization that is dedicated to the preservation of our countries rich aviation history.
Results: 1-20 of 29.
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March 8 - March 11, 2023
Oakland, California
California Association of Museums 2023 Conference: ON COMMON GROUND
Hosted by:
March 11 - March 14, 2023
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Virginia Association of Museum's 2023 Annual Conference!
Hosted by:
March 14 - March 17, 2023
Memphis, Tennessee
2023 Tennessee Association of Museums Conference: Unfinished Revolutions
Hosted by:
Charles Town, West Virginia

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