Englewood, Florida
Garry and Cindy Walter of Olde Tyme Arts and Crafts are dedicated to preserving and promoting history. We specialize in craft kits, handmade items of yesterday, historical note cards and paintings. Our products work well in museum shops, craft galleries and historical parks. It has successfully been proven that a handmade item is a way for guests to take home a part of history and a reminder of their visit. more...
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Park Forest, Illinois
Culture, General, History, Historic House, Historical Society, Library
The 1950s Park Forest House Museum commemorates the pioneers of Park Forest--the residents who moved here during the first five years. Representing an original townhome, one of 3010 built by American Community Builders between October 1947 and October 1949, rooms are furnished as they might have been from 1948-1953. Park Forest was the first fully-planned, post-World War II suburb, called "America's Original GI Town," studied around the world.
New York, New York
Historical Society
Rosendale, New York
Historical Society
Abbeville, South Carolina
Historical Society
The Children's Museum of Tacoma provides the community with opportunities for children to learn and grow. Serving many ages, museum exhibits and programs bring families closer together through play, creation and imagination. Unique, hands-on exhibits create a place to explore and dream. Children will test independence and gain self-confidence through the arts, sciences and creative play. Come play!
Abbot, Maine
Historical Society
North Weymouth, Massachusetts
General, History, Historic House, Historical Society
Due to the ongoing preservation work in 2012, the Birthplace is closed. Special tours and programs will be scheduled when the work is completed. Please stay tuned to this website and our Facebook page for updates.
Rocky Hill, Connecticut
Historical Society
Alstead, New Hampshire
Historical Society
Ada, Michigan
Culture, General, History, Historic House, Historical Society
The Ada Historical Society was first formed in 1974 by a group of local women interested in the history of Ada and strived to preserve Ada's rich historical roots. After a few years, the group disbanded. Then in the spring of 1989, the Ada historical was reorganized and they have continued to grow since. For several years the group met in the Ada Township Hall. Their goal was to have a museum in the Village.
Bellows Falls, Vermont
General, History, Historical Society, Science, Specialized
All exhibitions are available by appoitment with President Dennis Ladd or board member Stewart Read (803 376 6789).
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
History, Historic House, Historical Society
An Adams County Historical Society was organized in 1888 and continued in operation for almost one year. A second society was organized in 1934 and ceased to function when its president died two years later. The third and present society began meeting in 1939. A charter of incorporation was secured the following year. The county commissioners offered some space in the basement of the courthouse, which the officers used to create a library, archives, and museum.
Friendship, Wisconsin
Historical Society
Hastings, Nebraska
Historical Society
Brighton, Colorado
Historical Society
Lind, Washington
Historical Society
Chillicothe, Ohio
Historical Society
Elizabethtown, New York
History, Historical Society, Library
Wilmington, Delaware
Historical Society
Fresno, California
Culture, General, History, Historical Society, Specialized
Opened in June 1993, this museum hosts rotating and permanent displays concerning African-American history and culture. Interpretive displays describe the lives and times of leading San Joaquin Valley African- American literature.
Decatur, Illinois
Culture, General, History, Historical Society, Library
The A.A.C.G.S provides the Central Illinois community with a solid local research base and networks with other societies' local, state, and national resources. As we have begun our research, already we have located many slave names and owners during the period of 1619 - 1860. African-Americans have helped to build and have remained unacknowledged for far too long. We have the great task of researching and recognizing those African-Americans who helped to make America the great country it is.
Results: 1-20 of 3264.
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