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Nashua, New Hampshire
Lyme, New Hampshire
Walpole, New Hampshire
Hollis, New Hampshire
Exeter, New Hampshire
Center Strafford, New Hampshire
Bedford, New Hampshire
The Bedford Historical Society was organized in 1967 - late for a town so aware of tradition. It was at a time when both old residents and new were seeing rapid changes and felt our history might become blurred or lost unless a concerted effort was made to collect and preserve those things which Inform us of our past. At the first formal meeting In November Judge Peter Woodbury was elected president as an acknowledgement of his and his family's long concern with Beckford history.
Boscawen, New Hampshire
Brentwood, New Hampshire
Campton, New Hampshire
The Campton Town Hall on Route 175 is the oldest town maintained building built in 1850 and it is now the home of the Campton Historical Society, which has undertaken its continuing improvement with water and septic modernization, and it has benefited from LCHIP grants from the state. It is no longer used for annual town meetings or elections, which are now held at the Campton Elementary School, but is still used for town hearings and other civic functions.
Canaan, New Hampshire
Culture, History
The Museum originated on the second floor of the Academy building on Canaan Street. It opened Saturday, August 19, 1961 with an exhibit of pictures, antique furniture and other items of historical significance. During the Bicentennial weekend more than 30O.people attended the opening.
Medora Nutter and Martha Stevens were Co-Chairman for the event.
Canterbury, New Hampshire
Amherst, New Hampshire
Dover, New Hampshire
Children's, General, History, Science
The Children's Museum of NH offers a multitude of hands-on learning experiences for children ages 1-12 and their families. Exhibits areas to explore include Dino Detective, World Cultures, Build It Fly It, Cochecosystem, Music Matrix, MindBall, Yellow Submarine, Pattern Palace, Step Into a Story, and Primary Place.
Claremont, New Hampshire
Colebrook, New Hampshire
Colebrook, NH has always been the hub of the extreme Northwestern corner of NH. Since early times and with the coming of the Railroad in 1889, when you came to Northern NH you had to go through Colebrook. To this day people still flock to Colebrook, to get a meal (for a town of 2,300 we have 6 restaurants), do their shopping, etc. To the immediate south we have a Catholic Shrine "Our Lady of Grace" that is always stated is in Colebrook when it is actually located in Columbia, NH.
Manchester, New Hampshire
Art, History
Stroll through the different galleries to see American and European art ranging from the Renaissance to current day. Learn about the museum’s origins in the Currier History Gallery and enjoy the Currier’s extensive collections of paintings, sculpture, furniture, glass, and ceramics throughout the museum.
Holderness, New Hampshire
Derry, New Hampshire
Please contact Rick Holmes for all additional info.
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
General, History, Historic House
This Portsmouth Historical Society pilot project has converted the former city library to a new “one stop” central gateway to the historical, cultural and artistic venues of greater Portsmouth and a new exhibition site displaying the art and history of the region.
Results: 1-20 of 104.
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Washington, District of Columbia
Howard + Revis Design Services is a Washington, DC, firm specializing in interpretive experiences , wayfinding and placemaking for historic and cultural sites. Our work covers broad territory—from September 11th to Dr. Martin Luther King—but what remains constant is our commitment to a good story, well told. more...
Museum Conferences
Tue, September 1 - Wed, September 30, 2020
Miami, Florida
Wed, September 16 - Fri, September 18, 2020
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Mon, November 30 - Wed, December 2, 2020
Renaissance Hotel, Downtown Washington, DC
Washington, District of Columbia
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