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Middletown Springs, VT 05757
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Middletown Springs, VT 05757
May 30 - Oct. 31
Sunday2 PM - 4 PM
and by appointment. The Historical Society presents several public events each year for educational and fundraising purposes. Please see or website for detials.
David P. Wright, President


The Middletown Springs Historical Society collects, preserves and exhibits community history at its home in the historic Adams House on the Green in Middletown Springs, and at the Mineral Springs Park on the Poultney River.

In 1984, through the efforts of the Historical Society trustees and other interested townspeople and the allocation of necessary funds by the voters, much of the village of Middletown Springs was designated a Historic District. The District includes 65 residences, six public buildings and six other structures. While identifying significant historic resources in the town, National Register for Historic Places designation does little to protect or otherwise affect these structures without locally approved design review ordinances. Later, 31 additional sites outside the village including eight farms, comprising approximately 67 structures, were added to the Vermont State Register of Historic Places.


The mission of the Middletown Springs Historical Society is to promote the understanding and appreciation of the changing history of Middletown Springs, and to encourage local historic preservation. The Society realizes its mission by researching, interpreting and publishing facts and stories of the town’s history and genealogy; by collecting, conserving and exhibiting local artifacts; by acquiring and preserving significant historic places; and by engaging the public through educational programs and collaborations with local, state and national institutions


The Society was founded in 1969 to create the Mineral Springs Park on the site of the historic springs for which the town is famous. The springs, located at the convergence of the Poultney River and North Brook, were first developed in 1868 by A.W. Gray, local manufacturer of agricultural machinery, and were part of the Montvert Hotel resort, 1871-1905. The park features an ornate spring pavillion where the historic springs flow from original marble foundations. The Elisha Leffingwell Tin Shop, moved to the park in 1991, awaits restoration. Interpretive signs, picnic tables, benches and scenic paths are available to the public through the year.

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