Street Address
204 W. Franklin Street
Richmond, VA 23220
Mailing Address
204 W. Franklin Street
Richmond, VA 23220
phone: 804-648-1889
fax: 804-775-0802
Varies according to site
Ms. Elizabeth Kostelny, Executive Director
Louis Malon, Historic Properties and Collections
Sarah Whiting, Director of Community Resources & Outreach
Krysha Snyder, Assistant to Director of Museum Operations


Mission Statement:

The mission of Preservation Virginia is to preserve, promote and serve as an advocate for the state’s irreplaceable historic places for cultural, economic and educational benefits of everyone.

Preservation Virginia, a private non-profit organization and statewide historic preservation leader founded in 1889, is dedicated to perpetuating and revitalizing Virginia's cultural, architectural and historic heritage thereby ensuring that historic places are integral parts of the lives of present and future generations. Our mission is directly consistent with and supportive of Article XI of the Constitution of Virginia, benefiting both the Commonwealth and the nation. Preservation Virginia provides leadership, experience, influence, and services to the public and special audiences by saving, managing, and protecting historic places, and developing preservation policy, programs, and strategies with individuals, organizations, and local, state, and national partners.

Vision Statement:

We envision a Virginia recognized regionally, nationally and internationally for preserving and promoting its distinctive historic structures, landscapes, collections, communities and archaeological sites—guided by the expert leadership, stewardship and advocacy of Preservation Virginia.